Welcome to the INDEX - Project

The project “INDEX- Industrial Expert” is aimed at the development of a MOOC-based open educational resource (OER) on Industry 4.0“, and focused on professionals in application-oriented areas and appears to be a vital practice-oriented task, whereas the combination of the newest academic know-how and entrepreneurial needs custom-fitted to produce systematic understanding and operational skills is an ideal approach to offer a solution tailored to the needs of the various target groups.

The outcome is an interdisciplinary e‑learning course merging both technology and management content into one unique qualification concept. All developed material is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 and free to use.

Building a gateway between Hitech and SMEs

The project reflects the strategic objectives of the EU cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) responding to the technological challenges with the newest training programs, inspiring the entrepreneurship and helping individuals and companies to identify and perceive new business opportunities.

Taking into account that Industry 4.0 and its main components are an efficient tool with a versatile applicability, a wide range of potential consumers, both institutional and individual, can benefit from the project.

The INDEX consortium - A good practice example

Led by the INTAMT Group, the INDEX project brings together the know-how of six strong European partners from business, academia and vocational institutions. For excellent project management, this consortium has been awarded as Good Practice Example during the ENEX project. This consortium was qualitatively extended for the current project.

1. INTAMT (Germany)
2. “Nello Carrara” Institute of Applied
Physics (IFAC) (Italy)
3. ASEV (Italy)

3. University of Lodz (Poland)
4. Polytechnic University of Bucharest (Romania)
5. SAXIO University of Applied Science (the Netherlands)
6. Hochschule Düsseldorf (Germany)

The Project

The onset of the fourth industrial revolution known as “Industry 4.0” is a key technological feature at the current stage of human development. The working group on Industry 4.0 characterized its vision of the new industrial revolution as a worldwide implementation of ICT in manufacturing processes, which are not only in charge for certain manufacturing stages, but are able to monitor and optimize manufacturing processes completely on independently.


On 15.10.2021 a one day event led by INTAMT and supported by the European consortia partners from academia and VET institutions from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania will be held. The event will bring together representatives from European HEIs, as well as representatives from the business sector to learn the INDEX – Industrial Expert open-license online course, combining the newest academic know-how and entrepreneurial needs.   

INDEX Learning Courses

An essential prerequisite for the success of Industry 4.0 is capacity building and  training of professionals who are competent to make effective use of the great opportunities offered by innovative solutions of the fourth industrial revolution. The INDEX course, offered as OER via open edX platform has a modular structure and covers six fields relevant to Smart Manufacturing technology and management.

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